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Financial Counselling

Financial Counselling

About Financial Counselling

At NCID, our Financial Counsellors seek to provide you peace of mind through our advice on:

  1. Inpatient Bill Estimates
  2. Payment Modes
  3. Financial Assistance

Through Financial Counselling (FC), you can be empowered to make well-informed choices regarding your hospitalisation.

All patients can choose to undergo Financial Counselling

However, should a patient be unfit for financial counselling, an appropriate representative (i.e. next-of-kin, friend, company representative) can undergo financial counselling on his/her behalf.

Our financial counsellors are located at:

  1. The Wards
  2. Our Admission Office
  3. Clinic J

Estimating your bill

During Financial Counselling, financial counsellors will share the estimated bill size of your admission/procedure with you, based on the following parameters:

  1. Ward Charges
  2. Daily treatment fees
  3. Length of stay
  4. Standard investigation costs (e.g. Laboratory, X-ray)
  5. Standard medications costs
  6. Allied health services costs
  7. Surgery or Procedure Charges (if applicable)

Your estimated bill size will not include the charges for Intensive Care Unit, High Dependency, Consumables, Charges arising from Complications and Emergency Operation Charges.

Click here for more information on hospital bill estimation.

You will need your identification documents and insurance-related documents for your financial counselling experience.

1. Identification Documents:

  1. National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
  2. Birth Certificate (if you are below 15 years old)
  3. Passport (if you are a foreigner)
  4. Employment Pass or letter from employer (if you are a Work Permit / S Pass/ Employment Pass Holder)
  5. Student Pass/ Dependent Pass

2. Insurance and Other Relevant Documents:

  1. Letter of Guarantee from Private Medical Insurers and Company (if available)
  2. Medical benefit identification documents (if available) – e.g. Civil Service Card

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