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NCID Research Clinic

NCID Research Clinic

​About the National Centre for Infectious Diseases Research Clinic

The National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) Research Clinic houses a comprehensive suite of facilities for conducting research: from consultation and study procedures to drug-storage/preparation and sample processing. The clinic supports investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored studies from NCID, other institutions within the National Healthcare Group, and the wider infectious disease community in Singapore.

NCID Research Clinic Facilities

The NCID Research Clinic features the following facilities and equipment:

Consultation and Procedure Rooms

There are 4 consultation and 3 procedure rooms within the clinic. The consultation room is designed for participant screening, recruitment, physical examination, short procedures and follow up visits, while the procedure room is intended for specimen
collection (e.g. blood, saliva, and urine), intravenous infusions and other procedures. The functions of these private rooms are interchangeable should there be a need for more consultation rooms or vice versa.

Satellite Laboratory

The satellite laboratory allows for immediate processing and storage of clinical specimens after collection. The laboratory is fully-equipped, with laboratory benches, centrifuges and Biosafety Cabinets, for a variety of needs. There are 4⁰C fridges, -20⁰C / -30⁰C freezers and -80⁰C freezers to cater to the storage requirements for different specimens and studies. For more comprehensive laboratory testing, the specimens can be sent to the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory (IDRL) which is located within NCID at Level 2.

Drug Storage and Preparation Room

The research clinic is also equipped with an on-site drug-storage and preparation room to aid research work that involves the usage of investigational products. It is a secured room which houses storage cabinets and 4⁰C fridges for proper storage of
drugs. The temperature of the room and storage area is monitored.

Contact Us

Investigators of ongoing and new studies – whether at grant application or implementation stage – who are interested in using the NCID Research Clinic can contact the team at for more information and a feasibility review.

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