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Requesting a medical report

Requesting a medical report

What is required in order to fulfil the request for medical information?

If you wish to request for a medical report, we require you to consent to the release of medical information. If you are below 21 years of age, the consent of your parent(s) or legal guardian is required. For deceased patients, consent from the appointed representative of the estate is required, along with a copy of the death certificate and other supporting documents (e.g. marriage certificate, letters of administration) as proof of the representative’s relationship to the patient. 

Other items that are required include a copy of the patient’s NRIC or other identification document and payment for the information required.  

How can you request for medical information?

You can request for a medical report in the following ways:

  • By writing in to NCID permitting the release of medical information for a stated purpose.
  • By submitting an insurance or Ministry of Manpower (MOM) workmen compensation form completed by your physician.
  • By visiting our Health Information Services office and applying in person.
  • Your request for a medical report will only be processed upon receipt of your documents, consent form or insurance form, and appropriate payment.

Available services and their costs:



Brief Medical Report


Mammogram (MMG) and Ultrasound (US) Report: 


Ordinary Medical Report
This is a factual report of the patient's medical condition.


Workmen Compensation Initial/ Ordinary Medical Report
This is for the purpose of determining work-related injuries and the degree and period of disability as a result of a work injury. The requestor is to submit the MOM compensation initial assessment form or MOM request letter for the application. You may need to undergo a review at the Outpatient Clinic. 


Specialist Medical Report  
This report is prepared by the patient's specialist in response to requests that require a professional opinion with regards to the patient's prognosis and disabilities. It is based on an actual assessment of the patient and may involve a review at the Outpatient Clinic.


Completion of a MOM Workmen's compensation objection form by a doctor  
This is for the purpose of re-determining work-related injuries and the degree and period of disability when patient objects to the results of the initial workmen's compensation report. The MOM objection report should be completed by two doctors who are consultants and above. We accept MOM objection reports of patients assessed by doctors of other hospitals for the initial report.


LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) Certificate*


Second Opinion Reports  
This report is written for people who are not patients of NCID but seek a professional opinion from our Specialists. Its format and scope is the same as the Specialist Medical report. It is based on the assessment of the patient and involves a review at the Outpatient Clinic.


Duplicate Copy of Investigation Results  
Selective duplicate copies of investigation results such as blood test results, lab results, investigation reports (ECG, Electrophysiology, EMGS), X-ray and other radiological reports.

S$10.10 per type

Certified True Copy of Medical Report or Reprint of Medical Certificates Issued  

S$10.10 per copy

Overseas Postage Handling Fee  


When can the requested medical information be ready?

As a general guide, the time frame for completion of medical reports is between 4 to 6 weeks.
The completion of the report may take longer if:

  • The patient has upcoming clinic appointments
  • The patient has been hospitalised
  • Multiple reports are required from several clinical departments
  • The doctor is away

Specialist Medical Reports and Workmen Compensation cases require more processing time as a review may be required after the patient has been discharged.

Duplicate copies of medical records can be collected on the spot if the request is made in person at Health Information Services. 

How will I receive the medical report/ insurance form/ copies of medical records?

Patients can request for the medical report to be:

  • Mailed to them if the patient’s mailing address was provided at the point of application
  • Collected in person at the Health Information Services office, with the patient’s contact number provided at the point of application. The patient will be contacted once the report is ready for collection and the NRIC of the patient and payment receipt should be produced upon collection.  If a third party is collecting on the patient’s behalf, an authorisation letter will be required.

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